Josko Gravner Ribolla Gialla Anfora 2007


Producer: Josko Gravner
Country: Italy
Region: Friuli
Grape: Ribolla Gialla

Orchard and tropical fruits dance with baking spices, underbrush, honeyed citrus, crushed wildflowers and earth in this silky, kinetic ’07 Ribolla Gialla. This amber wine coats the palate with myriad flavors, studs the cheeks with tannins, and unspools to show a mesmerizing texture. Sweet fruit balances with savory herbs and umami in this utterly beguiling, terrifically food-friendly wine. This amber wine is best served like a red, decanted and at cellar temperature; enjoy it with hearty fare–its palate of will stand up to it. Like Gravner’s Breg, a blend of white grapes, this mono-varietal Ribolla Gialla ferments on the skins for about a year in amphora and then ages for a year in cask before bottling. It’s an age-worthy experience in natural winemaking that could only come from the hand of Josko Gravner.